How to use

Every vendor can have it's own deliverers defined in dashboard and set a unique username & password for them to access deliverer app. Upon entering deliverer app you will have three menus accessible from navigation bar:

Navigation Bar


In this menu deliverer will see the packages that deliverer has picked up and is on his way to deliver them. There are 4 Actions deliverer can do on each order that are as follows:

  • Delivered: Mark order as delivered.

  • Undo: If deliverer by mistake clicked on Taken button clicking on this option will reverse that action and put it back to Waiting list visible for all deliverers.

  • Call: Direct call to user.

  • Details: See details about order's delivery location and items.

Active Orders List


In this menu deliverer will be able to see all the orders that are waiting to be taken. They are in two groups. Assigned & Normal. Assigned orders was marked by Order deck manager to be delivered by an specific person and other deliverers won't be able to see them. They are Marked by Assigned tag seen on top right corner. The rest will be visible for all and deliveres can take them anytime. This list updates in realtime between all deliveres. If any of them takes it it will be updated for others and removed immediately.

Orders Waiting list


This page will show the deliverer all the active and waiting orders in map so he will be able to find his path towards them or pick the ones better suited for him.

Maps Showing Waiting & Active Orders