Content Management System is the part that all adiministration actions of system happens. List of Items, Reviews, Accounting, Order Managements, Offers users are some of those.

Solution has been designed to use a single CMS for both Vendor side and Main System Administrators. Even though they share the link, vendor has a limited set of actions available to him compared to admin.

Having used a shared PWA CMS gave system many benefits over vendor mobile application. Most important of all usually operators don't rely on phone to manage orders but full screen computers. Multiple installation on same device with different divisions is also possible with PWA apps. Automatic update is a good thing to have for vendor side of system which is possible with PWA. With all these in mind PWA Application not only is a good option but a must have.

Admin CMS Panel


System should have some vendors & vendor categories defined. In below picture it is more clear where they would appear on apps:

Vendors List, Android

In above screen you can see Fast Food, Italian & Grocery are Vendor Categories & under Fast Food we have Pizza Pizza, Pizza Hut, Mona & Green Planet.

You have the option to assign a vendor to multiple categories.


With Vendors being defined now you can go to each vendors Items page and define their item categories and items themselves. Keep in mind unlike vendor each item can be assigned to only one category.

In this menu status of item in term of being Available, Special or Unavailable is possible to set.

Items defined here would appear on mobile apps as shown below:

Items List, Android


Offers are banners shown on first screen of mobile apps right on top of vendors list. Their purpose is to showcase offers available in different vendors with an image which catches eye easier.

Offers, iOS


Coupons are codes given to customer by any means see fit so they would get discount on their orders. Coupons are powerful tools to get users motivated to engage more with app. With coupons defined here and based on parameters given users would be able to use the coupon.



Code *

The text user enters to have coupon enabled

Times Can Be Used

How many times any user in system can use coupon


Date when coupon can be used from


Date when coupon expires

Discount Static *

Static amount that would be deducted from order invoice sum

Discount Percent *

Percent to be deducted from order invoice sum

Minumum Order Amount

Minimum sum amount that this coupon can be used on

Maximum Order Amount

Maximum amount coupon can be applied on, If exceeds rest of amount will be ignored

Payment Gateways

App supports both Direct Payments & Online payment. Under Payment Gateways you have the option to define an online gateway by only inserting gateways API key.

App currently only supports Braintree payments.