Installation guide for server side of solution

Getting Started

In order to install the backend on your system Docker installation is required. For the purpose you can refer to Docker official documentation

After Docker Engine being installed install Docker Compose:

With Docker & Docker Compose being installed now you can download and install backend files. Using tools Docker provides it is as simple as entering following command and App is ready to use.

wget && docker-compose up -d

Installation Wizard

With Backend side being downloaded and started you can access your CMS configurator by going to your server address at port 3000. For example if your server address is open from your browser. For the first time you access CMS you will be presented with following configuration screen:

Configuration Wizard

Purchase Code

After purchase of item is made on codecanyon you would receive an email that contains purchase code of item. Enter that code here and hit next. If valid and not used you would be allowed to proceed.

Maps API

Google Maps API were used in CMS, A valid Maps API key would be required to enter here.

Firebase Admin SDK

Firebase Admin SDK is used for both Authentication purposes and Notifications. You would need to create a firebase project on Firebase Console and put the project database_url & private key here.

After these steps are done dashboard will open and you are done with backend, Simple as that😊


In order to update backend part to latest version entering below command would do so:

wget -qO- > docker-compose.yaml && docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d